Welcome To Saint Francis of Assisi Catholic School Fourth Grade

  • Course: Fourth
  • Teacher: Mrs. Paula Thomas      
  • Room Number: 4
  • Time: 7:45 am - 2:45 pm

My name is Paula Thomas and this is my third year at St. Francis as the 4th grade teacher.  My husband, daughter and I moved to the North County area nine years ago from Los Angeles County and we love living here! Other than teaching, my family is my passion! As a family we enjoy being outdoors, gardening, going to the beach, traveling and seeing local sights. My family and I attend St. Elizabeth Seton Church in Carlsbad, where we are active members. Before coming to St. Francis, I previously taught in the Los Angeles and Orange Diocese and at Burbank Unified School District. I have had the pleasure of teaching for 17 years in grades 2 – 5, but enjoy 4th grade the most! I received my teaching credential and BA in Liberal Studies from Cal State Northridge.

Fourth grade is an important transition year in the life of a child. They are becoming more independent and are being taught to take charge of their learning. Fourth grade builds on the skills and knowledge taught in the previous grades. I encourage critical thinking, creativity and respect for self and others. . Fourth grade religion brings together all the students have been taught about the sacraments, commandments and the teachings of Jesus and how we can apply them to our daily life. Students learn to use prayer and turning to God, parents and responsible adults in their lives to help guide them in becoming stronger in their faith. In fourth grade, students begin to define themselves in terms of opinions, beliefs and values. They are eager to express themselves and to make decisions based on what they think. Fourth graders apply their increasing abilities to read critically, to skim and scan for details and to gather information from various forms of texts including graphs, maps and charts. They are exposed to a variety of genres and quality literature pieces. They write narrative, informational, and opinion pieces. Math focuses on basic facts of multiplication, division and beginning fractions and then pushes the students into higher level problem solving and computation. Fourth graders love their science! They learn to work as a team and as individuals with hands on experiments in Earth, Life, and Physical science. California history is an important part of fourth grade. Learning about our state and its early history help give the children insight into the changing life in California and the important role our state plays.

This is the year students can join the choir and become altar servers. Our field trips focus on California history, the missions and early life in California. Our students learn responsibility and giving back to the school and our community by participating in student council and visiting Life Care Center. Amazing energy and enthusiasm, and their zest of life make fourth grade a pivotal year. The partnership with parents and the parish makes this year really special!

About Our Teacher

Teacher's Name: Mrs. Paula Thomas

Mrs. Thomas has previously taught for 17 years in both Catholic and public schools in the Los Angeles and Orange County areas. She comes to St. Francis after taking time off to be with her daughter and family. Mrs. Thomas is a graduate of Cal State Northridge, where she also received her multiple subject teaching credential. She also has her CLAD certificate from UCLA. Mrs. Thomas has experience teaching grades 2 – 5, but loves teaching 4th grade California history! She and her family attend St. Elizabeth Seton Church in Carlsbad.