Welcome To Saint Francis of Assisi Catholic School Noah's Ark

  • Course: Two Year Olds
  • Teacher: Xochitl Carrillo and Valeria Jimenez      
  • Room Number: Noah's Ark
  • Time:

Facility License #372005641

Total Capacity: 70. Facility serves children ages: 2 years through Kindergarten


Noah’s Ark Curriculum will consist of a “hands on” developmental program. Children grow through positive experiences with loving and caring teachers. These relationships will be strengthened through a partnership with family members. We will create a positive learning environment, where care will have a purposeful meaning to each child in attendance. We will develop trusting relationships with the children to gain their confidence towards self-regulation and independence. We will enhance their sense of wonder and discovery by inviting them to explore through their senses and explore the world around them.

Through their play, they will explore a nurturing, loving, and Christ-centered environment and be given the gift of time to experiment, discover and think. Because our children learn in an atmosphere of acceptance and respect, we believe that they will grow to trust their own talents and abilities and ultimately in themselves.

Prayer will be introduced through song and praise:

  • Group gathering will be a time to share ideas through language development, practice listening skills, stimulate thinking, enrich their social skills and lengthen their attention spans.
  • Gross-motor activities give children the opportunity to use their muscles as well as their imaginations. Activities will be designed to develop skills while having fun.
  • Fine motor activities help improve small motor development and eye-hand coordination. Children will begin to learn to hold and use crayons, markers and paint brushes. Other manipulative activities will include puzzles of various skill levels, stringing beads and building with blocks.
  • Art/sensory activities help to creatively express their thoughts and feelings. We will develop concepts of colors, shapes and size relationships. Children will explore and develop their ability to create art with items such as paint, play dough, water, sand, mud, glue, tissue paper, noodles, paper plates, glitter and shaving cream. 
  • Dramatic Play Activities help children explore and develop communication skills with other children and with their teachers. Children will learn to express their thoughts and ideas and realize their thoughts and ideas are important.
  • Through music, children can explore sound, volume, tempo, rhythm and spatial relationships.
  • Math will be a time to explore and develop concepts in number sense, quantity, counting, sorting, classification and patterning.
  • Science is the continuing study of the things that God created such as plants, animals, bugs, planets and people. Lessons are designed to create wonder and spark curiosity.

About Our Teacher

Teacher's Name: Xochitl Carrillo and Valeria Jimenez

Miss Xochitl has been a preschool teacher since 2012. She has two children of her own and is happy to lead the 2 year old class.

Miss Valeria has been teaching at St. Francis since 2015. She loves working with children and is very happy to be part of the Noah's Ark team