Welcome To Saint Francis of Assisi Catholic School Pre - Kindergarten

  • Course: Pre - Kindergarten
  • Teacher: Diana Treadwell, Zita Valente, Nancy Thomas      
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Facility License #372005641

Total Capacity: 70. Facility serves children ages: 2 years through Kindergarten


A child must be four years old by September 1 to be in the Pre-K class.. 

The Pre-K religious program teaches the children about the wonders of the world around them and to love and respect all the gifts God has given them. The Religion curriculum includes reading stories from the Bible, learning Bible verses, and also uses the Pflaum Publisher, Seeds program that has family activities for the children to do based on the teachings of the weekly Gospel. Children will praise God through simple prayers and many songs. Pre-K students attend the weekly Friday school Mass starting in November.

Pre-K enriches the children’s vocabulary through a wide variety of age appropriate and character building books. The children are encouraged to participate by acting out the stories, and using critical thinking processes to determine different outcomes. They are asked to reflect on how the story makes them feel. The children’s vocabulary is enhanced by focusing on new words in the books and their meanings. Two sight words are introduced weekly to the children with periodic review. Three letters and sounds are introduced weekly and cycled throughout the year to help the children retain as much as possible. Music, movement and games are also incorporated into the teaching of letters and sounds. Each week a new nursery rhyme or poem is introduced to the children to enhance their memorization skills.

In Math, students not only learn the basic concepts, but are introduced to more complex shapes, number identification, graphing, classification. For students who are ready to be challenged, simple addition, subtraction, basic fractions, sequencing of events, and many spatial concepts are introduced. Hands on science experiments are utilized to expose and enhance the children’s learning of weights and measurement, volume, color mixing, plant growth, how wind works, the water cycle, the different properties of water, etc. Activities such as team games, relay races etc. focus not only on the gross motor skills development but fair play and good sportsmanship. Art is explored through many different types of media. Different artists and their styles are introduced and the children are given opportunities to explore the different styles, such as abstract art, still life, and sculpting etc. In the area of Social Studies, pre-kindergartners learn about the different, customs, foods, clothing and celebrations of other countries around the world. We celebrate the diversity of our school families.

About Our Teacher

Teacher's Name: Diana Treadwell, Zita Valente, Nancy Thomas

Miss Diana, Miss Zita and Ms. Nancy are the Pre Kindergarten teachers. "Our goal is to get the students excited and ready for Kindergarten."
Ms. Diana Treadwell has been teaching preschool for over 33 years. She has been teaching at St Francis for the past 30. She also enjoys teaching the Little Stem class and has been doing so for the past two years. She has three children all of which attended St. Francis School.
Mrs. Zita had been teaching this age group for 24 years.