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Mission Statement

With Jesus Christ as our model, through a dedicated partnership of parents, educators, and parish, St. Francis of Assisi School guides our students in spiritual growth and personal academic success. We answer God’s call to serve Him by serving others.


We believe …


  • In an education rooted in the Catholic faith

  • That a solid foundation begins with an early-childhood education

  • Faith and stewardship, scholastic achievement, and life skills are the foundations of a well-rounded education

  • In providing a nurturing environment for development of the whole child

  • In the primacy of parents as educators

  • That teachers are the facilitators for learning

  • All students can achieve personal and academic growth

  • In inclusive practices and celebrating cultural diversity

  • In establishing a lifelong commitment to learning

  • In the Christian ideals of peace, justice, equality, and respect for all life

Schoolwide Learning Expectations

Faith and Stewardship

  • Participate in liturgical celebrations and help build their faith community

  • Develop a prayer life and strengthen their relationship with Christ

  • Live the teachings of our Catholic faith in words and actions

  • Recognize and use God’s gifts in service to others


Scholastic Achievement

  • Improve their reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills

  • Understand and apply mathematical patterns and procedures

  • Consistently engage in problem solving

  • Assess their academic learning for improvement


Life Skills

  • Demonstrate critical thinking and reasoning skills

  • Inquire, collaborate, and persevere

  • Respect others and take responsibility for their actions

  • Develop and responsibly use technological skills

Our Philosophy 

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