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School Advisory Council (SAC)

The mission of the School Advisory Council is to provide an authentic parent voice through engaging in review and generating advice for developing, enhancing and implementing best practices for fostering learning and social enrichment for our students.


The School Advisory Council is responsible for:

  • Increasing two-way communication between principal and administration, and parents;

  • Jointly developing creative solutions to our most pressing needs;

  • Forming partnerships with community leaders, businesses, and other professionals;

  • Parent support groups and trainings;

  • Encouraging parent involvement and volunteering;

  • Student life;

  • Fundraising;

  • Marketing of the SFS brand;

  • Planning for the school’s growth.


How does it work?

The School Advisory Council is comprised of several committees that will focus on different areas of the school’s most pressing issues. The school administration will discuss issues with the SAC members in an attempt to develop creative solutions to school improvement. The School Advisory Council will meet on a regular basis to discuss progress and solutions to our school’s challenges.

School Advisory Council logo.png

The SAC Committees are:

  • Alumni Development

  • Ambassadors to the Parish

    • Spanish-speaking, Vietnamese communities

  • Student & Campus Life | Fundraising (PTG)

    • Includes room parents, fun lunch, classroom parties, multi-classroom activities, field trips

  • Facility Development & Outreach

  • Admissions & Enrollment

  • Finance


What does SAC do?

The SAC is designed so that its members are truly just advisors. The creation of the SAC is not meant to increase the responsibilities of its members. SAC parents may come as often as they would like. This leadership committee will brainstorm ideas, discuss concerns and offer solutions. The SAC is meant to be a springboard to increase involvement of parents, improve upon the school’s existing circumstances, as well as to plan for the future. These committees are meant to improve the parents’ and the students’ experience while at the school and beyond.


Do I have to have personal or professional experience to serve in a certain committee?

There is no prerequisite for a parent to have experience in a certain area. If you work in banking, for example, but really like the creative process of marketing, you are encouraged to serve on the committee that most interests you. We welcome all who have ideas for making our school great.  


How is the SAC different from the PTG (Parent Teacher Group)?

The PTG was responsible for all fundraising at SFS to help keep tuition costs low and facilities in proper working order. PTG is now absorbed into the School Advisory Council as a fundraising group that functions as a member committee of the SAC. The SAC is an opportunity to partner with the administration to creatively solve conflicts and to improve the experience of parents and students in unique ways.  


Who can serve on the School Advisory Council?

SAC is made up of parents, grandparents, community members and leaders, alumni, teachers, staff, and anyone who shares a common vision for bettering our school. Serving on the SAC is a voluntary position that is renewed each year.

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